Repeat Prescriptions

Login to order your medication

You can order your repeat prescription via the following options:

  • Online Services, please use the button to sign in. 
  • Online Form please use the below button.
  • Ticking your required medication on your repeat slip and placing this in the black box next to our door at Market Overton & Somerby Surgeries.
  • For those previously identified as not being able to use these services, please contact our PST on  01572 490 399 to order your repeat prescription.

Please be aware that our PST will direct you to our Online Services or Online Form if you are able to use these facilities, our policy is not to complete prescriptions over the phone for safety reasons except in extenuating circumstances.

Both Practice’s operate a computerised repeat prescription system. If you are taking regular medication your doctor will authorise a repeat prescription, listing the types, amount and schedule of medication.

Once you have ordered your medication it can take 72 hours for the Practice to process this for you. Gentle reminder that should your request come through online after closing or on bank holidays, the 72 hrs will start from our return to the office.

Once completed we will send your request via our Electronic Prescribing System (EPS) to your nominated pharmacy, should your medication not be dispensed at either of the surgeries. 

Repeat dispensing may be suitable for certain medications. Please click the button below to watch our repeat dispensing video for more information.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please note that should your medication be dispensed at any of the surgeries we are not able to offer this repeat dispensing option. This is for the pharmacies only.

If you do not have online services, please use the below button to complete the registration.