Insurance Reports

This video explains our insurance report process

This type of request is classed as private work for our Doctors and does not take priority over NHS work.

Once payment is received this could take 4-6 weeks for completion

At the practice we receive requests from insurance companies asking for medical information.

Before we can supply any information we have to ensure that you have consented to provide this information.

Once we receive the request, we send an invoice to the insurance company advising them of the fees required.

When we have notification from our Accounts Department that the insurance company have completed their fees, we log the information onto a spreadsheet.

We require your paper records to complete the form. These can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. These are then passed to a Doctor to generate the report.

Once the report is generated by your GP, the documents are returned to our Admin Team, who scan all information onto your medical records. We will contact you to let you know the report is complete and ask if you wish to see it. You have 21 days to view the information before we send it to your insurance company.