Improvements to Market Overton and Somerby Surgeries

Improvements to Market Overton and Somerby Surgeries

Following a period of detailed planning, design and patient engagement (through the PPG), the Partners are delighted to announce that both Surgeries are now to proceed with a planned improvements programme.

Starting firstly with the Market Overton Surgery, builders will be taking over the whole waiting room and Dispensary/Reception area for a period of four weeks, so that extensive works can be completed to increase the capacity of the Dispensary and improve the patient experience in the waiting room. During this four week period, parking will be restricted and the building will be reconfigured so that the side entrance can be used for access. Ramps will be built to accommodate that access and the vast majority of the Dispensing process will be moved to our Somerby site but patients who routinely collect from Market Overton, will still be able to do so. PATIENTS WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE GP / NURSE/ HCA / PHLEBOTOMIST DURING THIS PERIOD AT MARKET OVERTON

In completing the first phase of these works, the Partners are sure that the experience for all patients will improve significantly and as a result, both Market Overton and Somerby will have a better and more capable Dispensary. Once Market Overton is completed, we will then look at the Somerby Surgery and continue to improve patients services in that location too.

The work at Market Overton will commence at the start of November and last for one month.

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